How can we promise safety?

At Mitchell Energy Services keeping people safe is our top priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people and we strive to make sure our operations are safe and reduce our impact on the environment.

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Mitchell Energy Services participates in drug & alcohol testing programs that meet current PHMSA & FMCSA requirements. The programs include pre-employment, random and reasonable suspicion testing. Supervisory personnel receive training in reasonable suspicion testing as required by PHMSA regulations.

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To ensure that our employees are properly trained and qualified to perform covered tasks, Mitchell Energy Services has joined with Veriforce, Energy World Net (EWN), Operator Qualifications Solution Group (OQSG) and ISNetworld to meet our clients OQ requirements. We utilize both in-house evaluators and proctors as well as third party providers to conduct training, evaluations and testing.

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At Mitchell Energy Services we believe strongly that well trained employees are a major factor in preventing accidents and injuries while providing our clients with quality services.

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Mitchell Energy Services has implemented a Short Service Employee program that is structured to prevent work related injuries and illnesses to new hires and temporary workers.

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Mitchell Energy Services utilizes several methods to gauge our safety programs and to identify strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Safety personnel regularly conduct safety audits at jobsites and supervisory personnel complete observation reports. Employees also report their observations using report cards to identify safe as well as any unsafe behavior they observe on the jobsite. The information submitted on these reports is then used to evaluate how we are performing.

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Working safe is every employees goal on Mitchell Energy Services, LLC projects and we make every effort to recognize those employees who participate in helping us to achieve our mission. Safety incentive awards are regularly given to employees for their hard work and effort in helping us to achieve our mission of working safely.

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Mitchell Energy Services has an established JSA Program in place. Each crew is required to complete a documented JSA daily for the tasks they are preparing to perform. For tasks that are regularly performed, pre-written JSA’s have been developed which identify the steps, potential hazards, consequences, mitigation measures and tools required. These pre-written JSA documents serve to ensure that every portion of completing the task has been included so that the task may be completed as safely as possible.

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Safety Meetings are held weekly on every project. Every employee assigned to the project is required to attend. Daily meetings or “tailgate” safety meetings are incorporated into discussing the JSA with each individual crew both at the beginning of the workday as well as before each new task is performed.